Keeping it real: Better than Sex

Two Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara was one of those cult products that every beauty lover had in their makeup drawer, me being one of them.

The packaging, the cute name, the long list of bloggers supporting this product and the Urban Decay brand saw me literally run into my local Mecca Store and pick up the lucky last one from the display.

I’ve been using this mascara for the past 2 months almost every day and I thought it’s now the best time to write up my review and be real. So see my below my thoughts, opinions and relevant gifs which highlight my thoughts on this product


Product Name: Better Than Sex Mascara – Black

Purchased: 2017 

Usage: Almost every day for the past 2 months

Initial thoughts dumped straight from my brain: How cute is this, If every Beauty Blogger is using this than it must be good, Gosh i hope this makes my eyelashes look fake, 1 coat yeah?

Mid-way Review ( 1 month):  Okay this isn’t as good as i thought, Why does it keep smudging, It leaves a black residue by 3pm, okay my eyelashes do look long, maybe if i don’t use as much.

End review: Even though I’m a Urban Decay fan I wasn’t really convinced this was the BEST mascara everyone has been mentioning. It did give me luscious long lashes but by 3pm it left a black residue under my eyes and it smudges. I’m sorry to say but i don’t think i would be purchasing this one. Now back on the hunt for the be all and end all mascara

Rating ( 1- Hell no , 3- Meh, 5 It’s already in my shopping cart Bit*hes)

2 – Sorry! 



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